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Best dog wipes for body and paws
Best dog wipes

Full Body & Paw Wipes

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45 sheets in an easy to use flip top dispenser
Suitable for all cat & dog breeds

  • Aloe and Lanolin* enriched to replenish, clean and moisturise pet coats & cracked pads
  • Gentle removal of dirt build-up & bacteria between toes
  • Helps deodorise and remove loose hairs from pet coats
  • Calming Orange Oil repels insects
Suitable for use every day, between grooming sessions or handy portable pack when on the move.
Also perfect for a quick clean-up while house training your new pet.

Each sheet is 18cm by 18cm | 7inch by 7inch


Part of a comprehensive system of wipes to provide the optimum level of pet hygiene, cleaning, deodorising, comfort and safety. 

* Lanolin is a cruelty free by-product of sheared sheep's wool and is a natural skin moisturiser