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A house is not a home without a pet

We all know that our pets can boost our well-being in so many ways:

Pets can reduce stress and anxiety
Studies show that patting your pet can have a calming effect on you
and just by being nearby can reduce your stress levels and anxiety. 


Pets can boost your fitness
Man’s best friend can also be one's own personal trainer.
One study found that dog owners who regularly walk their dogs were less likely to be overweight than non-dog owners. Is there a better motivator then an eager pup wanting to get you outdoors?

Pets reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness
Pets keep you company and can be a source of comfort. 
One study found that owners can receive just as much social support from their pet as opposed to a family member, and that on average pet owners were less lonely than non-pet owners.


So what are you doing for your loved one in return?

Looking after your pets' health & well-being also looks after yours.
And taking proper care of your furry children is easy with John Paul Pet.

Understanding that many ancient healing practices are based
on the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits of botanicals,
as well as the discovery that oil odours can positively affect memory and mental state,
John Paul Pet products all contain plant oils and extracts that contain soothing and healing properties.

Using products specially formulated for pets is a natural solution to help pets reduce anxiety and stress,
as well as providing natural protection and a myriad of health benefits. 

All John Paul Pet products are made from human grade ingredients in the same facilities
that manufacture Paul Mitchell professional haircare.

Cruelty free, all John Paul Pet products are tested on humans first, but PH balanced for pets.


Your pet trusts you.... NEVER, EVER use human products on your pet

Products made for humans can severely irritate your pet's skin, 
as their skin has a different pH level and thickness compared to ours.

When incorrect pH products are used on a dog, it disrupts their skin's pH levels
making it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria resulting in skin infections & inflammation. 

Please do the right thing by your pet
Use pet appropriate, quality products that will help keep your furry friend healthy, and by your side!