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Why the products you choose are so important

YOUR PET TRUSTS YOU ...... using the wrong products can be harmful 


Products made for humans can severely irritate your pet's skin, as their skin has a different pH level and thickness compared to ours. For example, dog’s skin is the most alkaline of all species making it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria (ie skin infections) if the pH is disrupted. If this happens, inflammation and infection can occur due to over-drying and eroding of the epidermis  - the outermost layer of the skin. 

A dog’s epidermis is only 8-10 cell layers thick, whereas human’s are 18-20 cell layers thick! The dog’s skin is thicker overall, but the epidermis is very thin and susceptible to bacteria if it is stripped away with improper ingredients that are not pH balanced appropriately. Not everyone knows that a very alkaline product can do just as much damage as a very acidic product. Just as a very acidic product to humans like sulfuric acid would basically burn away human epidermis, very alkaline products, can produce inflammation or even chemical burns on human epidermis. The same thing applies to a dog’s epidermis.

BE SURE that the PH levels of the grooming products you use on your pet, are appropriate.
Refer to the labels on the product, and if unsure - DON'T USE IT!