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For pets who are treated like they're humans


Human Grade 

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*Excl. Body & Paw Wipes 



“Great shampoo. We have a dog with long thick hair as well as thick undercoat (think Collie) and bath time always means a hair dryer and hours of brushing to get the tangles out. We even used a detangler for dog fur! Between the Oatmeal shampoo and the corresponding conditioner, it has made a huge difference in post bath tangles.”


“Two very clean and shiny dogs thanks to your wonderful shampoo and conditioner. They don't have the normal wet doggie smell after the wash like they usually do and are so soft.
Thank you from Fred and Daisy!”


“I have a Bichon/Shih Tzu and he gets at least one or two baths a week from just being a dirty dog and has never dried his skin out, I have used this for 7 years now and it always cleans the dog and never dries their skin, even with 5+ baths a month.”