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 Long coats, sometimes also known as drop coats, can be coarse or silky.
All long haired coats 
continually grow and require brushing or combing at least three times a week
otherwise mats, knots and tangles will form. 

Long, coarse coats have a soft undercoat that needs to be brushed with a pin brush and a smooth bristle brush.
Some silky haired dogs, such as Setters and Spaniels, don't have undercoats, but their fine hair can still tangle.
To assist with regular brushing & combing use a detangling spray.

If the coat is not brushed or combed frequently, the coat will become problematic
causing poor air circulation to the skin which in turn will become inflamed and/or infected.

Always use a shampoo rich in conditioners
 to avoid pulling on the fur and causing your pet any pain.

After shampooing, always use a conditioner to add strength and shine and if possible,
dry the dog's fur with a hair dryer after bathing and then do another brush-out of the coat.

A shine spray or conditioning spray can be used to keep coat shiny, and smelling fresh in between washes.

If camping or on the move consider
 waterless grooming options, such as waterless foam shampoo or wipes.


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