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Many terrier breeds have wiry, coarse hair coats that are susceptible to tangles.
Wire coats, also known as broken coats, cover a soft dense overcoat.

To keep your dog’s coat in natural texture we recommend using a stripping comb to thin the fur by running it lightly along the dog's back, using a detangler to get out mats, if necessary.
Follow up the thinning by brushing the fur out from the skin with a slicker brush.

Wash with shampoo but avoid using a conditioner unless you want to soften the coat.
A shine spray can be used to keep coat smelling fresh in between washes and shiny.

If camping or on the move consider
 waterless grooming options, such as waterless foam shampoo or wipes.


Affenpinscher | Airedale Terrier | Australian Terrier
Border Terrier | Brussels Griffon
Cairn Terrier | Dachshund- wire haired | Dandie Dinmont
Fox Terrier – wire | German Wirehaired Pointer
Ibizan – wire haired | Irish Terrier | Irish Wolfhound
Lakeland Terrier | Miniature Schnauzer | Norfolk Terrier
Otterhound | Parsons Russel | Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Scottish Deerhound | Giant Schnauzer | Scottish Terrier | Sealyham Terrier | Spinone Italiano | Standard Schnauzer
Welsh Terrier | West Highland White | Wirehaired Pointing Griffon