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A breed with a double-coat can be short or long-haired but both have a soft undercoat
that is thick and dense with a tougher top coat that repels water and shields from dirt.
Natural body oils can cause odours in some breeds with this coat type.

Dogs with double coats require additional grooming.
For short-haired double-coated dogs, start with brushing the undercoat first.
Brush outward from the skin, and then brush with the lay of the fur on the top coat.

With long-haired dogs, brush out each section of the dog's coat.
If your dog has mats or knots, use a detangler to get rid of them.
Finish up by brushing the top coat, and then bathe with both shampoo and conditioner

In between grooming sessions you can use a leave in conditioning spray to keep the coat shiny and smelling fresh.

If camping or on the move
consider waterless grooming options, such as waterless foam shampoo or wipes.


Akita | Alaskan Malamute | Anatolian Shepherd
Cardigan Welsh Corgi | Collie – smooth coated
Finnish Spitz | German Shepherd | Kelpie
Norwegian Elkhound | Pembroke Welsh Corgi Schipperke
Shiba Inu | Siberian Husky