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Animal body language can be insightful

Greetings, animal-lovers!
How many times have you wished your pet could talk?
They may not speak our language, but they do signal what they’re thinking and feeling through the use of body movements and gestures.
It’s important we’re tuned in to this speech-less language, especially when introducing a new dog into the family.

For instance, cowering and freezing is a typical sign a dog is in fear.
While turning over seems to be the universal indicator for, “I need a belly rub."
Just like humans, dogs yawn when they’re sleepy but they’re much more prone to yawning when they’re nervous. Lip licking can also be a signal the animal perceives danger, or they just want a treat.

Lastly, did you know a wagging tail does not always mean a happy dog? Sometimes it’s an indicator the dog is frustrated or on hormonal overload.
There’s a whole lot more information on animal body language available in training books and on the web; take time to learn to better communicate with your four-legged friends!


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