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Can you use human shampoo on dogs?

Is human shampoo safe on my dog?

Your pet trusts you.... NEVER, EVER use human products on your pet. And whilst this may seem like harsh advice, unless you know the PH levels of the products you are using you can inadvertently be doing more harm than good. 

Human shampoos and conditioners can severely irritate your pet's skin, 
as their skin has a different pH level and thickness compared to ours. A dogs skin is around a third of the thickness of human skin making it much more sensitive.

In addition the PH levels of human skin are much more acidic which means shampoo for humans is also much more acidic. Using a human shampoo on a dog could mean using an incorrect PH level product and when an incorrect pH product is used on a dog, it disrupts their skin's pH levels

making it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria resulting in skin infections & inflammation. 

What are the benefits of using dog shampoo?

Premium dog shampoos are deliberately and specifically formulated for use on dogs. This means that the PH balance, the ingredients and the fragrance are all carefully considered to ensure they are safe for use on your furry friend. Dogs noses are much more sensitive than human noses so the right level of fragrance and ingredient choice can make a massive difference as to whether your dog enjoys his bath or not. In addition, consider whether you would use a cheap shampoo or a shampoo made for another species on your hair! You may find it cheaper and more convenient in the short term, but vet visits for skin irritations may offset this in the long run.

Please do the right thing by your pet. Whilst we advocate treating your dog well, and in many cases as though they are human, in this case we highly recommend against using human shampoo for your dog.

Please use pet appropriate, quality products that will help keep your furry friend healthy, and by your side!

All John Paul Pet products are all PH balanced for the safe use on your pet. Cruelty free, with all products vegan (excluding the Aloe body wipes) JP Pet products contain high quality botanicals and ingredients. 


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